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Translation of Haltung

die Haltung the attitude    ; the bearing    ; the carriage    ; the conduct    ; the deportment    ; the poise    ; the posture    ; the stance    

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Sample sentences:
Seltsamerweise legte der Abonnent der Zeitschrift gegenüber eine respektlose Haltung an den Tag.

Strangely enough, the subscriber displayed a disrespectful stance towards the magazine.
Der Lehrer beschrieb dutzende von Methoden, wie wir unsere Haltung verbessern konnten. The teacher described dozens of ways to improve our posture.
Er erkannte Schwester Mary an ihrer andächtigen Haltung. He recognized Sister Mary by her devotional attitude.

In addition she is enjoying her studies very much. Work is fine! I'm in a learning phase and I have started my initial plans quickly. Two hours ago, I watched the Grand slam final of the US open!
I saw the game. After the amazing pre-match ball shot I was so excited I could not fall asleep for 2 hours. The Eurosport commentator said: 'So what is his next trick? Walking home on the Hudson river?'
El calafate airport was a mess. The airport was as big as a hotel lobby, but packed with people and all the luggage came at the same time in the same place. An officer checked the baggage receipt to avoid theft.
Most common translations: Guthaben    Graupel    Gleithörnchen    Gestaltung    Gepäck    Geisterbahn    Geborgenheit    Fürwort    Frömmigkeit    Frachtschiff   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of conduct   [ conducted, conducted ]