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Translation of Handfläche

die Handfläche the palm    

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Sample sentences:
Nachdem sie die Raupe angefasst hatte, bekam sie einen Ausschlag auf der Handfläche.

After she had touched the caterpillar, she got a rash on her palm.
Handfläche palm

The poem hints that it will be a meal of brutality. We cannot understand this act of killing, the act of two little animals, we do not understand the 'why' of life and we do not see the power that steers all.
Let me continue to tell you about my adventures. So, as I have told you in my last writing I returned to the airport and scheduled a new date for my flight. This time I left myself five more days.
The Lagoon Explorer had only room for eight passengers and crew. We were really excited once we saw the boat, as it looked beautiful. There was a couple from D.C. which also booked the same boat.
Most common translations: Gültigkeit    Grieß    Gluon    Gewalttätigkeit    Gerichtsurkunde    Gelbaugenpinguin    Geburtsurkunde    Galgenstrick    Fundamentalismus    Frauenheilkunde