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Translation of Hauptsitz

der Hauptsitz the central office; the head office; the headquarters    

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Zentrale; Hauptsitz; Hauptgeschäftsstelle head office; headquarter
Zentrale; Hauptsitz; Hauptstelle head office; headquarters
der Hauptsitz; die Zentrale the headquarters
der Hauptsitz the headquarter; the capital

We drove towards the university where he studied and from there we drove to the hospital where he worked. He told me that there were hospitals for locals and for foreigners with different medical equipment and staff.
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The American (his name was Jeffrey) meant that this is the hour where usually the price of goods went down as the sellers were under pressure and did not want to return with the product.
Most common translations: Halter    Gute Reise    Graubär    Gleichwertigkeit    Gespött    Geowissenschaftler    Geiselnahme    Gebirgspass    Fürsorge    Frustration