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Translation of Heidekraut

das Heidekraut the heather    

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Sample sentences:
Im Tal wuchs violettes Heidekraut soweit das Auge reichte.

In the valley, purple heather grew as far as the eye could see.

My parents were Italian, but the first language I learned was Spanish, since we lived in southern Spain. Very close to Gibraltar. When I was older, like twelve I moved with them back to Lucca in Italy.
He was educated as Roman Catholic, converted to Evangelism after he married her and he raised his son and daughters by the Muslim faith. They develop skills, make you get used to it, and when you are into it, whoosh, they disappear at once.
I attended a Spanish course in Malaga, but I need more practice and speak more often (and write of course). Here in Germany it is a bit difficult to learn Spanish because we do not have the chance to practice.
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