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Translation of Heiligabend

der Heiligabend the Christmas Eve

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Heiligabend Christmas eve

In May I'll be able to show the machine at an exhibition in the university. In addition, we can show it to all these university partner laboratories in the U.S., which are led by people who live here.
I have sent you the translation a few hours ago. I guess it has just arrived. That is very responsible of you. I will have a look at it immediately. If you want to address somebody formally in the singular, you must use 'usted'.
I was very lazy, and I've preferred conversation in German... so that is why I do not learn English anymore, I sometimes chat with friends from London. see ya soon. Anja.
Most common translations: Glück    Fall    Edelweiß    Brücke    Becken    Anzahlung    Überleben    vorwärts    tausend