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Translation of Heizung

die Heizung  the heating     

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Sample sentences:
Mein Vermieter baute letzten Monat eine neue Heizung ein.

My landlord installed a new heater last month.
Die Heizung war kaputt, und es wurde nachts kalt und regnerisch. The radiator was broken, and it got cold and rainy at night.
Es war eisig im Keller, also drehten wie die Heizung an. It was frigid in the basement, so we turned on the heater.

The image seems so peaceful, calm and untouched. On the contrary, the topic is about death, brutality and the confrontation (the fight) between strong and week, between the spide and the moth.
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We had coffee, played cards and waited for our guide. We had booked the tour with Handspan, so that we were confident that he would show up. In the end the guide was a 'she' and not a 'he'.
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