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Translation of Helm

der Helm  the helmet     

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Sample sentences:
Fahrrad fahren ohne Helm ist gefährlich und sogar illegal in einigen Regionen.

Riding bicycle without a helmet is dangerous and even illegal in some regions.
der Helm, Helme the helmet(s)
Helm; Schutzhelm helmet

Design is a poem in which Robert Frost tries to confront us with the questions of life and nature. The topic is not only about nature but also about the human being and his capability to recognize.
Hemingway is trying to tell us a story about two people cannot fulfill their desires and needs, such as having free sex, drinking alcohol, spending the nights in bars and clubs and generally having fun.
As soon as I went to bed, incredibly loud music starting playing from right beneath my room. The music was so loud that I could not fall asleep despite my jet lag and despite being extremely tired.
Most common translations: Gorilla    Fußballer    Farbe    Eigenschaft    Buffet    Beilage    Aprikose    älter    warm    tragen