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Translation of Hemmung

die Hemmung the inhibition    

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die Einschränkung; die Hemmung; die Nötigung constraint

So, I have to say that the behavior of the people living in Turkey is very different from most countries in the world. They are very open, kind and funny, sometimes one can think that they are rude.
Let me continue to tell you about my adventures. So, as I have told you in my last writing I returned to the airport and scheduled a new date for my flight. This time I left myself five more days.
Our friendly hotel owner recommended a restaurant a outside of the center, so we walked about 20 minutes in the cold night together with the other couple. Were were the only people in that restaurant.
Most common translations: Haus    Hammel    Gymnasium    Grausen    Gleitsichtbrille    Geste    Gepäckstück    Geisterstunde    Gebrauchsanleitung