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hormonal hormonal    

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Sample sentences:
Hormonale Schwankungen können bei Frauen zu Gesichtshaarwuchs führen.

Hormonal changes can lead to facial hair growth in women.

Since my wife is pregnant, we must postpone the trip until tomorrow. I am back again in Poland in June and then I would be very happy to meet you. I will email the exact dates a little later.
On the second day we drove around Los Angeles. We were totally jet lagged (and so were our kids) and we decided to take it easy on that day. We went to Rodeo Drive as well as Beverly Hills. Both our children slept during the entire afternoon.
No matter then. I wanted to study Spanish for years now, because you know, it really helps? And how long have you been learning Spanish? Please write me soon. Best wishes. Your Alfi.
Most common translations: herzig    hartnäckig    gnädig    geschäftlich    geizig    führend    fortschreiten    fertigstellen    etwas    ernennen