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Translation of Hüne

der Hüne the giant    ; the hulk    

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First of all I have to say that I am trying not to get myself into a situation where I have to eat thing that I don't like. That means that I have never tried a strange meal or bizzare food.
Wars and struggles are always or mostly based on ignorance, fears and disrespect of the enemies. Unfortunately, the kind of hate which roots in previous wars never stops. Let me be clearer, please.
If I could get that far in Galaga, and handle enemy starships, I was sure that I could handle hurricane Ivan. I decided to continue to Mexico after having two dry airport muffins for breakfast.
Most common translations: Huf    Hirschkäfer    Heraldik    Hausdach    Handball    Gänsehaut    Gremium    Globus    Gesäß    Gerede