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Translation of Ignoranz

die Ignoranz the ignorance    

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Sample sentences:
Ihre Ignoranz ließ sie an ihre eigene Unsterblichkeit glauben.

Her ignorance made her believe in her own immortality.
Ignoranz; Dummheit ignorance

From time to time I listen to my old CD collection. However, most of the CD boxes, meaning the covers, are so full of dust that one can hardly see the image. Taste changes with the age, that is known.
The cannot do it because of the girl's pregnancy. This fact creates a very unpleasant tension between the two characters, their future seems to hopeless and uncertain. Will they be together?
She started to walk with us and one could observe that she had lost some of the naivity many children have, due to the fact that she started to be a sales person long before she reached twelve.
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