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Translation of Infinitiv

der Infinitiv the infinitive    

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Sample sentences:
Niklas der Schwede gab uns eine Grammatikstunde über den schwedischen Infinitiv.

Niklas the Swede taught us a grammar lesson about the Swedish infinitive.

First of all I have to say that I am trying not to get myself into a situation where I have to eat thing that I don't like. That means that I have never tried a strange meal or bizzare food.
Completely different education and lifestyle make us incapable of putting ourselves into their situation. Sometimes we regard certain acts or certain laws as barbaric while we ignore the surroundings.
El calafate airport was a mess. The airport was as big as a hotel lobby, but packed with people and all the luggage came at the same time in the same place. An officer checked the baggage receipt to avoid theft.
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