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Translation of Investor

der Investor the investor    

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Sample sentences:
Der Investor investierte eine enorme Summe in Puerto Rico.

The investor invested a colossal sum in Puerto Rico.
ausländischer Investor foreign investor
Investor; Anleger investor

I spoke to Juliette and she told me to organize the meeting with Jimmy and Rick. I would like to know the time and place of our meeting (on Monday). Looking forward to meet you all. Bye soon.
We begin to talk about 'we' and 'they', which makes us partly discriminating. As a whole, I guess that all of us have some predispositions, but the difference is, that some know how to supress it.
I went to the deck and except one staff member who slept there on the floor I was the only one. I installed my camera and waited for the light to arrive. I expected the images to be more spectacular.
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