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Translation of kapern

kapern to capture    ; to seize    

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Sample sentences:
Die Kombination von Kamille und Kapern in der Soße war überraschend angenehm.

The combination of camomile and capers in the sauce was surprisingly good.

Delivery time can be immediate. However, usually the customization process is the bottle neck. Unfortunately learning system systems are NEVER simple shelf products. The X1 and the X2 can come in a lot of configurations.
I took my backpack and looked for a minibus that would take me a little outside of the town to a small settlement called El Panchan. I arrived there very early and no rooms were available yet.
After two weeks in less developed countries it was somehow interesting to arrive here. The express shuttle from the airport took us into town in less than twenty minutes and had several station.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of capture   [ captured, captured ]
Conjugation of seize   [ seized, seized ]