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Translation of Kapitän

der Kapitän the captain    
der Kapitän the skipper    

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Sample sentences:
Die Seeleute flankierten den Landungssteg, um ihrem Kapitän Lebwohl zu sagen.

The sailors flanked the pier to see off their captain.
Der Kapitän ist der letzte Mann, der das Boot nach einem Schiffsbruch verlässt. The captain is the last man to leave the boat after a ship wreckage.
Der Kapitän warnte seine Mannschaft, vor dem Sturm nicht zu viel zu trinken. The skipper warned his crew not to drink too much before the storm.

In this poem there is not any movement, it is only a snapshot of life, it means it is a picture, almost dead, as there is no movement at all. And this is the reason why the poem seems to be calming.
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