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der Kasten the bin    ; the box    ; the chest    ; the hutch    

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der Kasten, kästen; die Kiste, Kisten the box (es)
Aktenschrank; Kabine; Kasten cabinet
Kisten; Kasten; Schachtel box
Kiste; Schachtel; Kasten box
Angelegenheit, Kasten case
Kasten, Schrank cupboard
Kasten,Kästchen box
kleiner Kasten cupboard
Brust(kasten) chest
Kiste; Kasten box
Kasten, Kiste box
(der) Kasten box

Writing autobiography in another language has some advantanges. You do not have to think to much about the story and you can concentrate on the foreign language. Spanish is very suitable for that.
They point out eachother's mistake whenever they try to negotiate and approach. Despite a good reason for reconciliation there still exist plenty of prejudices and many have no confidence in the treaty.
The room had around 4 square meters and the bathroom and shower were tiny. I was not content about that, as we could have stayed in a much better hotel for less. But we had made reservations in advance anyway.
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Conjugation of box   [ boxed, boxed ]