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Translation of Kern

der Kern the core    ; the kernel    ; the nucleus    ; the pip    

Translation by Vocabulix


Kern; Herzstück; Mark core
der Kern; der Nukleus nucleus
Herzstück; Kern core
Kernstück; Kern core
mitte; kern mainstream
Kern, Innenteil core
der Kern the core
Kern; Wesen core
Kern nucleus

Writing autobiography in another language has some advantanges. You do not have to think to much about the story and you can concentrate on the foreign language. Spanish is very suitable for that.
I do not mean to claim that they ought forget their own history, but I assert that they should forgive, not to the culprits who made the rage (that would not be possible), but the next innocent generation.
Honk Kong was intense. We liked it on the one hand, but after coming from South East Asia, it seemed a little boring to us. What I mean is that it is more Western and less exciting for us.
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