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Translation of Klassiker

der Klassiker the classic    

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Sample sentences:
Der Pate ist ein Klassiker unter den Kinofilmen der letzten sechzehn Jahre.

The Godfather is a classic among the movies of the last sixteen years.
Auf ihrem dritten Rendezvous gingen sie in Kino um einen Klassiker anzuschauen. On their third date they went to watch a classical movie in the cinema.

If someone tells me to try a delicacy I won't eat it although I have never tried it. It took me twenty year to try Sushi and yes I love it. My friends tell me that I am conservative and stubborn.
We are back in South Carolina for Christmas. We are staying at the Hilton near the Corner. As you said, great location! Our trip included LA, California and the coast of Oregon (which was spectacular).
I went to the deck and except one staff member who slept there on the floor I was the only one. I installed my camera and waited for the light to arrive. I expected the images to be more spectacular.
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