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Translation of Knappheit

die Knappheit the scarcity    ; the shortage    

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Knappheit; Mangel; Fehlbestand shortage
Mangel, Knappheit shortage
Knappheit, Mangel shortage
Knappheit,Mangel shortage
Knappheit; Mangel lack
Knappheit austerity

Officials say that the trip will start after lunch at around 1pm, next to the Phoenix Hall at Lili's college in Boston. During the departure of these twenty five crazy kids, major roads will be closed.
Now I needed to decide where to go next and I decided to use the information that the girl gave me. I went back into town to the central station and booked a night bus to a place called Palenque.
You cannot be in this city without watching a football game. We therefore bought tickets two days ahead in order to see the soccer game between Bocca Juniors and Newell's Old Boys from Rosario.
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