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Translation of Kokain

das Kokain the cocaine    

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Sample sentences:
Das Kokain war in einem Geheimfach im Kofferraum versteckt.

The cocaine was hidden in a secret compartment of the trunk.
Kokain cocaine

It was really depressing, it seemed to be like being in the army where you are forced to get up in the middle of the night. Anyway, I do not like the winter in the city as much as I like it in the alps.
This kind of struggle is a 'projecting the guilt' one someone innocent. It has always existed, even today there is a large movement against foreigners in Europe and its support is frightening me.
The Halong Bay Red Dragon boat's capacity was around ninety passengers and had a much larger crew. We did not have a choice at all and the couple from Washington and we decided to go for it.
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