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Translation of Konfrontation

die Konfrontation the confrontation    

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Sample sentences:
Nach seiner Konfrontation mit einem aggressiven Murmeltier heute morgen war unser Hund traumatisiert.

After his confrontation with an aggressive marmot this morning, our dog was traumatized.
Konfrontation Confrontaion

In England, a man would still open a door to a woman, but in other countries this habbit is less common. In a way, habits that existed hundred years ago slowly loose their meaning and importance.
I have your letter sitting on my desk. But, in the last 2 months I have been working on some projects which were very time consuming. I will not be able to start anything new before October or November.
Thank you for the quick response and for your feedbacks. You are absolutely right about the verb 'communicar'. Our verb list section is new. We will add this verb, as well as many other less common verbs.
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