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Translation of kreischen

kreischen to shriek    
kreischen to squeal    ; to screech    
das Kreischen the screech    ; the squeal    

Translation by Vocabulix


brüllen; kreischen to yell
kreischen; quitschen screeched
schreien, kreischen to scream
schreien; kreischen screech
schreien, kreischen shriek
schreien,kreischen scream
kreischen hooting noise

I did not want to give them any money so they became more aggresive and began holding my hand and said 'please, please' all the time. Finally I decided to give them some money but could not find the wallet.
I took my backpack and looked for a minibus that would take me a little outside of the town to a small settlement called El Panchan. I arrived there very early and no rooms were available yet.
Our friendly hotel owner recommended a restaurant a outside of the center, so we walked about 20 minutes in the cold night together with the other couple. Were were the only people in that restaurant.
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