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Translation of Kröte

die Kröte the toad    

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Sample sentences:
Die Kröte bevorzugt definitiv ein etwas feuchterer Wetter gegenüber der trockenen Sommerhitze.

The toad definitely prefers slightly damp weather to the dry summer heat.
Kröte toad [*](1)
die Kröte toad
Kröte toad

In England, a man would still open a door to a woman, but in other countries this habbit is less common. In a way, habits that existed hundred years ago slowly loose their meaning and importance.
For example, there are many regions in the United States in which only few African-Americans live. Somehow intolerance is the biggest there, because the citizens there are not used to foreigners.
We took many images and stayed there for over three hours, just enjoying the view. We finally went back to Kowloon with the subway, where we went to eat Sushi in a vivid, dynamic restaurant.
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