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Translation of Lebensmittelladen

der Lebensmittelladen the grocery    ; the grocery store

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Lebensmittelladen grocery store
Lebensmittelladen food shop

I would like to know if Jack is interested to join us as well. Shared learning is called Tandem. I'm coming in 2 days to Spain. I will pay for the study costs of my daughter, and I assume all other costs as well.
I have sent you the translation a few hours ago. I guess it has just arrived. That is very responsible of you. I will have a look at it immediately. If you want to address somebody formally in the singular, you must use 'usted'.
I've never been to Switzerland, but I'd like to go to the Alps. Until now I was only in Austria and in France. Maybe I will go there, for example skiing in Davos or in another nice mountain village.
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