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Translation of Lebensraum

der Lebensraum the biotope    ; the habitat    ; the living space

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Sample sentences:
Das Verschwinden von Feuchtgebieten nimmt den Fröschen ihren Lebensraum weg.

The disappearance of wetlands is taking the frogs' habitat away.

I've met the owner of Dessarmile, who has also already written you (after you came back from Thailand). However, he does not speak Spanish and therefore I do not think that they can be good friends.
If you go to the shopping mall to buy shoes, it takes an hour and two stores until you find the right pair of shoes. But if you go shopping 'stuff' generally, it might take you an entire day to finish.
My problem never was the writing part, but I did not have the courage to speak. When I did not get further, I had to use my hands and feet to communicate, which always seems a little stupid.
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