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Translation of Liste

die Liste  the list     

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Sample sentences:
Ich habe die Liste im Einkaufswagen in dem anderen Laden vergessen.

I left the list in the cart at the other store.
Liste von Einzelteilen parts list
Ablaufplan; Liste schedule
Liste de lijst
Liste record
Liste list

Exactly on that weekend there was a traditional apple event which is celebrated every year by the people of this small town. Naturally, It was very nice to see it, to see farmers outside of the city.
The letter and the date are fine. Let me know how many people are interested. I cannot promise that it will work. The size however is OK. It is worth a trial, maybe even the ones with Spanish words.
You come to a point where you have seen just enough, loved it and are ready to move on. It was one more ugly train ride to Hanoi. The train started rolling on time and we slept in our cabin again.
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Conjugation of list   [ listed, listed ]