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Translation of Lohnerhöhung

die Lohnerhöhung the pay increase; the pay rise

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Lohnerhöhung bekommen to get a rise
Lohnerhöhung increase in wages
lohnerhöhung to get a raise
eine Lohnerhöhung a raise
lohnerhöhung wage demand
Lohnerhöhung payrise

For example, if I am working very early in the morning, let's say 06.00 (that would be 09.00 your time), I don't notice it much. But 9 hours later, the system slows down, because people in Europe get online.
Could you please read the following offers in a critical manner and confirm it before I will send it? I have also mentioned the warranty and the software in the offer, because it was requested by the customer.
I am more than willing to help you in studying Spanish. I am learning German, and that's how you could help me. Yes, I am learning Spanish at the Institute since May 2006. So let us be friends?
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