German Dictionary

Translation of Männchen

das Männchen the manikin    ; the little man; the hubby    

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Sample sentences:
Das kleine Männchen saß auf der Schubladenkante und blickte zu mir herauf.

The little hubby sat on the edge of the desk and looked up at me.

About the meeting dates: Can I propose something between August 24 and September 26 (in around 10 weeks)? Should I book 2 or 3 full days in the hotel. Gabriella will have enough experience by then.
The fact that James is active in many industries in Colorado, does not mean that the same must apply abroad, let's say in Spain. This fact complicates the ability to learn English in everyday life.
I'd be very happy if we could write me. I have read your blog. Are you from the U.S.? Where exactly are you from, which state? I have visited Chicago last year because my grandma lives there.
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