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Translation of Manager

der Manager  the manager     

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Sample sentences:
Die Manager drückten ihren Wunsch aus, die Schwelle für die Fördermenge zu erhöhen.

The managers expressed their wish to increase the threshold for the output.
Sein Ehrgeiz verhalf ihm bald zu einer Stelle als Manager. His ambition soon landed him a position as manager.
Transport Manager; Versand Manager Shipping Manager
Geschäftsführer/in; Manager/in manager
Manager, Leiter manager

They played a lot of music (very old fashioned music) and sold apples, cookies, cakes and many drinks. Having enjoyed the apple festival we went for a walk outside the village, meaning the woods.
They are actually lovely hills and do not look threatening at all. That shows us that she actually loves her pregnancy and does not know what to do about it. One can really pitty this woman.
I packed my belongings and went looking for my friend. I informed her about the situation and we left the island together. On the ferry she told me about the different travel options that I would have.
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