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Translation of Mandelentzündung

die Mandelentzündung the tonsillitis    

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Sample sentences:
Sie machten einen Abstrich und sagten mir, ich hätte Mandelentzündung.

They did a swab and told me I had tonsillitis.

But by listening to this over and over again, some get even more used to unimportant messages and to this kind of presentation. It is a vicious circle. For some folks it is difficult to handle.
The bus was supposed to leave at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, so that I still had two to three hours to organize. I went for lunch at some strange place and hardly ate as it was too ugly.
On the next day we took the tour to see the Peninsula. The tour itself was very boring and the guide had really not much to say that would interest me. The area was barren and completely flat.
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