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Translation of Maria

die Maria the Mary    

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Sample sentences:
Maria fand es unausstehlich, wie Jerry einen Kugelschreiber 'biro' nannte.

Maria found it despicable how Jerry called a ball pen a 'biro'.
An diesem Nachmittag besuchte Maria einen Arzt, der Ihr ein Rezept verschrieb. This afternoon Maria went to see the physician who gave her a prescription.
Der Vorsitzende bedankte sich bei Maria in seiner Rede. The chairman thanked Maria in his speech.

I try to learn English as much as possible so that I can travel next year to the United States. I would agree to your proposal but I also need to find good teachers. My goal is quality and speed.
I was born in Lima and for 14 years I have been living near Frankfurt. I am divorced and I have a little girl and an older son from my first marriage. My son is already in kindergarten.
I'm glad as well, thanks for the suggestions. I had little time last week as we had many important meetings. I beg your pardon. Let us continue later. Many greetings from Germany.
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