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Translation of Maximum

das Maximum the maximum    

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Sample sentences:
Das Maximum an Nährstoffen wird erreicht, wenn die Kokosnuss 4 Tage alt ist.

The nutritional maximum is reached when the coconut is 4 days old.
Maximum maximum

On one hand I detest the topics that the media chooses on the news, for example the coverage of the entire trial of O.J. Simpson. But not only this trial, also other completely unimportant events.
Certainly, in a healthy mind, these feelings should not arise from bad thoughts. Not only the thought but also the reaction which arises and develops from this thinking is racism. Do you understand?
The same day that I gave my last presentation about our pilot project I flew away. The first lag was NYC's airport John F. Kennedy. I left Europe after midnight and arrived there at five o'clock, more or less.
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