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Translation of Meisterstück

das Meisterstück the masterpiece    

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Sample sentences:
Sein Meisterstück war ein aus Buche geschnitzter Hirte mit zwei Schafen.

His masterpiece was a shepherd with two sheep carved out of beech.
Die holde Jungfrau hatte ein Meisterstück des Tanzes erschaffen. The fair maiden had created a masterpiece of dance.

It means a lot to me to participate and meet other people in this Internet forum. I'll know later if I can move my appointment in order to get together with our visitors from Canada.
The fact that James is active in many industries in Colorado, does not mean that the same must apply abroad, let's say in Spain. This fact complicates the ability to learn English in everyday life.
The course was a bit tough because the teacher always gave lots of homework. We were upset about his behaviour. He was very arrogant towards all the students. It was simply no fun to study there.
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