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Translation of mitnehmen

mitnehmen to pick up    

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Sample sentences:
Wir kauften ein Hähnchen zum Mitnehmen und eilten zu der Geburtstagsfeier.

We got a takeout chicken and hurried to the birthday party.
Getränke zum Mitnehmen take-away drinks
nehmen; bringen; mitnehmen take; to take
jdn abholen,mitnehmen to pick sb up
mitnehmen to take; is taking
aufgabeln; mitnehmen pick up
Essen zum mitnehmen takeaway

It seems a little bit like a pot in which you want to be happy and rich and enjoy your luck not caring about others. For example, the population is diminishing (or it was so during the last decade).
I slept in the jungle lodge. Dinner was really nice as there was only one restaurant were everybody gathered. My newly acquired friends invited me to join them for dinner and we had a great time.
The young women rowed towards us and tried to sell food and souvenirs. We were not interested and she tried to block us and prevent us from swimming back to our vessel. So we dove beneath her.
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