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Translation of Mülleimer

der Mülleimer the dustbin    ; the garbage can; the refuse bin; the rubbish bin

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Sample sentences:
Nachdem wir das Fleisch von den Rippchen abgenagt hatten, warfen wie sie in den Mülleimer.

After we hat gnawed the meat off the ribs, we threw them in the bin.
Mülleimer, Abfalleimer bin
der Mülleimer waste basket
Papierkorb, Mülleimer bin
Mülleimer, Papierkorb bin
mülleimer rubbish bin

We drove towards the university where he studied and from there we drove to the hospital where he worked. He told me that there were hospitals for locals and for foreigners with different medical equipment and staff.
Entire communities are blamed for a crime committed by one of its members. Wrong ideas could quickly be spread to other villages and there could be acts of revenge resulting in further mistrust.
We spent the entire day doing nothing, just waiting for the night train which would take us into the northern mountain area of Vietnam, close to the Chinese border. The train left at around ten.
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