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Translation of Neigung

die Neigung the bias    ; the disposition    ; the gradient    ; the inclination    ; the leaning    ; the slant    

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Sample sentences:
Eine linke Neigung ist nicht ungewöhnlich unter Studenten an dieser Universität.

A leftist bias is not uncommon among students at this university.
verwöhnen; einer Neigung nachgehen to indulge
Sucht; Neigung; Abhängigkeit addiction
Neigung; Hang bias (towards)
Neigung; Schräge slant
Neigung; Hang inclination
neigung; tendenz leaning

For example, if I am working very early in the morning, let's say 06.00 (that would be 09.00 your time), I don't notice it much. But 9 hours later, the system slows down, because people in Europe get online.
Are you currently buried in a lot of work? I am not, because the financial crisis has put me back on hold. I do not work, so I have time for going out in the evening and being online.
Thank you for correcting my mistakes. I am really grateful for that and this is exactly what I wanted, I just think about whether something similar exists also in English. I doubt it.
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