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Translation of Ninja

der Ninja the ninja    

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Sample sentences:
Der Ninja verließ das Fort des Shoguns und lief zum Feind über.

The ninja left the shogun's fort and defected to the enemy.
Masanosuke, der clevere Ninja blieb unauffindbar. Masanosuke the clever ninja remained untraceable.
Der Ninja erkletterte problemlos die Schlossmauer. The ninja made it up the castle wall without difficulty.

It actually happened to my cousin's youngest kid. He was repeatedly warned not to smoke in the courtyard of the school. At the end he found himself expelled from the school. It could have been an interesting experience for him though.
We have met over 20 years ago during our holidays. We live in Florida and are working both for a computer company. I fly several times a month. I wish you another beautiful Sunday afternoon!
As a friend and acquaintance I have the honor to forward the information to other members. He will, however, need more support in the first phase, which he will receive for sure. See you later.
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