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Translation of oberhalb

oberhalb  above     

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Sample sentences:
Der Balkon der Hotelsuite war gerade oberhalb des Balkons.

The balcony of the hotel suite was just above the swimming pool.
oberhalb des Gestells above the bookshelf
oben, über,oberhalb von above
oben ,über,oberhalb above
mehr als; oben; oberhalb above
oberhalb, über above
oberhalb; über above

Although it is very cold, I love the fresh air there. After an hour and after finishing the getting dressed in warm winter-clothes I am usually ready for skiing. Normally I like to go out early.
Sounds great. Sorry, it took me a while to get back to you. Did you book the Helmhaus (which Monica suggested) or the Seidenhof (which I gave her in the end)? Will make sure, they give you good rooms...
We started to look for other options and found the Salvation Army Boot lodge, which had much larger rooms for half the price. The second and third night we would stay there before moving on.
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