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Translation of Parfum

das Parfum the perfume    

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Sample sentences:
Je nach Laune bezahlte er sie mit Schokolade, Parfum oder Kleidung.

Depending on his fancy, he paid her with chocolates, perfume, or clothes.
Der erstickende Geruch ihres Parfums war unerträglich. The suffocating smell of her perfume was insufferable.
Als sie das Parfum an seiner Krawatte roch, runzelte sie die Stirn. When she smelled the perfume on his tie, she frowned.

My brother moved there last year. He met a woman and went after her. After six years they have broken up, but he no longer wanted to return, because he has settled down in his new home. I am visiting him once a year.
Thanks a lot. My wife, daughter and I came back with a flu from the Swiss mountains, but now we are getting better. How are you? 'Vos' is only used in antique Spanish as 'usted', in the singular form of course.
What do you think of the current situation? Like you, I am writing letters, emails and other messages. Tomorrow I will leave, then I will go to my friend in Spain, where we are planing a beach vacation.
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Conjugation of perfume   [ perfumed, perfumed ]