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Translation of Pfahl

der Pfahl the stake    
der Pfahl the picket    

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Sample sentences:
Die Kinder schafften es nicht, das Pony an den Pfahl zu binden.

The children were unable to chain the pony to the pole.
Pfahl de paal
Pfahl pole

Since Joseph is convinced of the coming success, he suggests to leave the machine in Canada for another 2 months (at no cost of course!). I think that they learned a lot through your project.
Let me talk about nicer things in this email. In the last mail we spoke about the poems that we have read in our last spring break. We are not of the kind who love partying all night. We came to relax.
At around eight in the evening we were back, took a hot shower and met our friends for a fancy dinner. They were leaving the country the next day and we would stay there another three days.
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