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Translation of primitiv

primitiv primitive    ; savage    

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Sample sentences:
Da sie sich besonders für primitive Kulturen interessierte, studierte sie Anthropologie.

As she was especially interested in primitive cultures, she studied anthropology.
mischen; primitiv leben slum; (verb)
mischen; primitiv leben to slum
primitiv, urzeitlich primitive
primitiv; schonungslos savage
primitiv leben to slum it
primitiv crude; simple

The mothers of my girlfriends were so insulted when I never wanted to eat their food. I mean, in the beginning they liked me, but once the saw my eating habits everything changed. I guess I blew it.
How could I get better in Spanish if I had to eat by myself. Impossible. The next days we always ate together and sat around the table for hours discussing politics and the lives we were living.
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