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Translation of Rat

der Rat  the counsel     
der Rat the advice    ; the council    

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Sample sentences:
Der Rat erkannte die Einreichung der Denkschrift an.

The council acknowledged the submission of the memorandum.
jemandes Rat befolgen to tab somebodys advice
Europäischer Rat European Council
Rat geben to give advice; give advice
der Rat (politisch) the counsel
Rat; Rat(versammlung) council
Rat, Rätin councillor

They played a lot of music (very old fashioned music) and sold apples, cookies, cakes and many drinks. Having enjoyed the apple festival we went for a walk outside the village, meaning the woods.
On Friday we are flying to Switzerland and then on Monday we will continue to Boston, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. I am very excited. Maybe this is going to be a great experience again.
We went to visit the different markets starting with the bracelet market in Kowloon. Lili bought a few stones there. In the afternoon we visited the financial district which could only be reached by boat.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of advice   [ adviced, adviced ]