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Translation of Refrain

der Refrain the refrain    

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Sample sentences:
In dem Refrain geht es um ihren Anis-artigen Geruch und ihr seidiges Haar.

The refrain talks about her anise like smell and her silk like hair.
Refrain; Chor chorus
Refrain chorus

So I cannot eat an entire fish, that looks like a fish and I cannot eat an entire chicken that looks like a chicken. Understand? It is all in the head, as I have told you before. Nothing personal.
The short story 'Hills like white elephants' is a short story about a relationship between a man and a young girl, based on having sexual encounters. The meaning of this story is not immediately recognizable.
We went back and took our bags from the travel agent, where we left them earlier. We wanted to catch the bus back to the station before darkness, as we knew that people drove crazy over there.
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