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Translation of Regal

das Regal the shelf    ; the rack    

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Sample sentences:
Ein ganzes Regal war dem englischen Suffix gewidmet.

An entire bookshelf was dedicated to the English suffix.
Das Regal war aus dünnem Plastik und sah unstabil aus. The shelf was made of thin vinyl and looked unstable.
Die Regale standen voll mit Töpfen und Tassen aus Ton. The shelves were full of pots and cups made of clay.
Regal; Regalbrett; (Steil-)Küste shelf
Regal; Bücherregal shelf; bookshelf
Regal, Bord, Ablage shelf; (schälf)
das Regal, Regale the shelf(shelves)
(Bücher-) Regal bookshelves
(Bücher-)Regal bookshelves
Regal; Regelbrett shelf
Regal open shelve unit
Regal shelf, shelves

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