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Translation of reif

reif ripe    
reif mature    ; mellow    ; seasoned    

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Sample sentences:
Als die Früchte reif waren, gruben wir ein Loch, um sie zu lagern.

When the fruit were ripe we dug a pit to store them.
verantwortlich(1); mündig, reif responsible
reif, entwickelt mature
Reif Ripe/ Mature
reif mature

I hope you could understand my last letter to you. You see, when I write in Spanish I am not very confident. I always question myself and each and every sentence takes about fifteen minutes.
As I understood from you, the redirection, as you implemented it now would not be necessary. From our phone conversation last week I understood that all language instructions are detected by default.
In order to get to this hidden lake one would have to row beneath a cave. On the other side of the cave the five of us were alone. The lake was surrounded by limestone mountains covered with tropical trees.
Do you know the meaning of? quadratisch    pornographisch    passierte    nähen    nehmen    mysteriös    miauen    lügen    leichtsinnig    kulturell   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of mature   [ matured, matured ]