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Translation of reüssieren

reüssieren to succeed    

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I hope you could understand my last letter to you. You see, when I write in Spanish I am not very confident. I always question myself and each and every sentence takes about fifteen minutes.
Wow, great pictures. You are very beautiful and your husband looks very simpatico! The dog looks like Jojo. I will send you also more pictures from Baltimore, so you can imagine how our life looks here.
That is great. Thank you for the support (and for the compliment). Recommendations by universities are always very appreciated, as universities are usually more selective about external resources.
Do you know the meaning of? rauben    profitabel    phantastisch    olivgrün    nichts    nachlassen    mittelfristig    masochistisch    listig    landen   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of succeed   [ succeeded, succeeded ]