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Translation of Risotto

das Risotto the risotto    

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A word might have one meaning in Mexico, and a totally other meaning in Columbia or in Venezuela. Let me check the words that are already translated before doing anything. I will try to add the other points tomorrow.
The institute has conducted the tests successfully and submitted the reports. It also what Peter has mentioned. It could take a few months until the publication. Please wait patiently.
I owe it to my boss who allowed me to make many trips. In Argentina, I've been in many places, but unfortunately I have not seen enough of it yet. It is indeed a huge country, do you agree?
Do you know the meaning of? Republik    Regierungswechsel    Raufbold    Rabatt    Psychotiker    Privatunterricht    Popel    Planer    Pflanzenkunde    Pechvogel