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Translation of rundum

rundum all round

Translation by Vocabulix


allgemein, rundum... all-round
ringsum, rundum all around

The current situation in Libya is really difficult. I tried to get in contact with acquaintances, but all the phones were not working. I'm really concerned about their well-being. I'll try again later.
True, I forgot the 'I' when I have copied and pasted the entire text field. I assume it is the regular form, isn't it? However, the formal form in Spain is a little different to what we are using in Mexico.
I attended a Spanish course in Malaga, but I need more practice and speak more often (and write of course). Here in Germany it is a bit difficult to learn Spanish because we do not have the chance to practice.
Do you know the meaning of? reichhaltig    päpstlich    populär    passieren    nächster    necken    mutmaßen    meutern    löten    leichter