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Translation of sägen

sägen to saw    

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sägen+ saw, sawed, sawn
sägen saw; serrar

He suggested that Sofia or Linda speak with his student (Jack) directly on the following number: X. Jack will be happy to share his techniques, experience and protocols with you guys. Just call him.
The place was amazing and very interesting although tourists ruled here. At noon we continued to see a waterfall called Agua Azul, which means Blue Waters in Spanish. It was a two hour drive.
We walked by waterfalls and rivers, but the water was too cold to swimm in. The hike made us tired and we were in the valley, which meant that we had to climb up again. The climb was difficult.
Do you know the meaning of? steuerpflichtig    spezialisieren    siebenundsiebzig    selbstgefällig    schwarzweiß    schlurfen    satanisch    rhetorisch    rauchen    profund   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of sägen
säge  sägst  sägt  sägen  sägt  sägen  sägte  sägtest  sägte  sägten  sägtet  sägten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of saw   [ sawed, sawn ]