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Translation of Scheinwerfer

der Scheinwerfer the spotlight    ; the headlight    ; the headlamp    ; the floodlight    ; the searchlight    

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Sample sentences:
Der Trottel hat schon wieder seine Scheinwerfer angelassen.

That chump left his headlights on again.
Scheinwerfer (Auto) headlights
Scheinwerfer headlamps

The citizens actually welcomed the shrinking of the population because they thought that the fewer people there are the more place and wealth the rest could share as more resources are available.
You may know that most young students fly South on spring break. You can imagine how the parties look like down there, and how many drugs are consumed during this vacation. I prefer the quietness.
The city was incredibly vivid and we were impressed by its size. We walked a lot through all the different neighborhoods, starting with Recoleta, an upper class neighborhood with its famous cemetery.
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